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1-2 Bart The Genius

February 26, 2010

This episode of the Simpsons begins with the Simpsons family playing a good old game of scrabble. Lisa, the family genius, makes fun of Bart for making up an misspelling words and Homer chases Bart off in a rage as usual. The next day Bart has a big intelligence test which apparently he hasn’t studied for, so sneakily he switches the tests with Martin, the most intelligent kid in class. After vandalizing school property, the principle has a meeting with Homer and Marge to discuss a fine they have to pay because of the damage, and the school psychiatrist labels Bart a genius and sends him to the Enriched Learning Center for the “Gifted”. After all this, Homer and Marge thinks Bart is a boy genius and Homer starts treating Bart with much more respect than usual. Meanwhile Bart soon realizes he doesn’t fit in with the other geniuses in the class and blows up his chemistry lab from lack of knowledge. Finally he confesses that he cheated on the test and gets sent back to Springfield Elementary School, and Homer goes back to tormenting him.

1-1 Roasting on an Open Fire Christmas Special

February 25, 2010

Original Air Date—17 December 1989
As we enter the first scene, Homer, Marge and Maggie speeds through the snowy streets as they are late for Bart and Lisa’s school holiday play. In the wonderful town of Springfield, every soul is preparing for the holiday season, from making wish lists and strapping on the brightest lights to there home. Pinching every penny, the Simpson’s save up to make it a Merry Christmas. While Christmas shopping, Bart decides to race off to and get a tattoo after his parents told him not to do so. Marge soon discovers and uses all the family’s Christmas savings to get it surgically removed. Mean while, Homer discovers he will not receive a Christmas bonus from Mr. Burns and now the family have absolutely no money to buy any presents. Homer decides to not tell Marge about his financial crisis so he secretly gets a job as the department store Santa. Later he finds out that department store Santa’s don’t get paid enough. Miserably he takes Bart to the dog racing track hoping to make some money and bets it on a dog named Santa’s Little helper, who loses. Santa’s little helper’s owner angrily gives away the dog and Homer lets Bart keep him. When Homer thinks that Christmas is ruined, Bart and the kids jump for joy as they have a new member to the Simpson’s family and Christmas is saved! The moral of this story is that, money isn’t everything and there are things in life that are just price less !

Simpsons Season 1 !

February 24, 2010

Ladys and Gents, welcome to MARIOSMEDIABLOG ! This semester I will be blogging my thoughts on The Simpsons Season one ! SWEET right?? Anyway lets get into this classic season. Cant wait !

Ward Churchill

February 15, 2010

The University of Colorado did the right thing by launching an investigation against Ward Churchill. As a creditable University, they have every right to investigate and know whats going on in their classrooms. Having said that, I do also feel that a teacher also has the right to say what they choose in their classroom if it pertains to the direction there going towards as far as their agenda in teaching the course. Whether supporting America or saying that America’s policies had a part in influencing 9/11, these are both opinions and someone shouldn’t get fired over choosing one side. As long as Ward Churchill was speaking freely and wasn’t promoting violence, he should be able to say what ever he chooses. This is a professor here people, i mean, he has some what knowledge and understanding of what he’s talking about. Right??