1-6 Moaning Lisa

This comedic episode of the Simpson’s doesn’t quite begin with such a happy beginning at all. This time Lisa is so depressed she even gives away her cupcake ! Well why is Lisa so depressed you ask?? Well to get straight to the point, Lisa is having a difficult time adapting with others around her. She is very creative, and I think a very limited amount of people understand her and this makes her unhappy. Neither Marge nor Homer can seem to get Lisa to cheer up. One night, Homer shouts at Lisa to keep down as she plays the blues on the saxophone. As she does she hears distant Jazz music and sneaks out of her room to follow it. She meets Bleeding Guns Murphy, who teaches her how to express her music through the saxophone.  The next day of school , Marge drops off Lisa and she suggests that Lisa smile no matter how she feels because that’s what her mother taught her. However, Marge sees that Lisa is being denied her creativity by seeing a teacher and two children belittle her and realizes that that is what is making her sad. Marge tells Lisa to just be herself, and the entire family go to see Murphy perform Lisas blues song at a local Jazz club. Thee end.

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