1-7 The Call of the Simpsons

In episode 7, Homer becomes envious of Flanders new RV and goes to “Bob’s RV Round-up” to buy one of his own. Wishing for the top of the line RV, Homer settles for a used RV and takes the family camping and in the process destroys the RV. Leaving Lisa and Marge behind, Bart and Homer try to find their way back to civilization, but have little luck. Its been a good day with out any luck and Homer and Bart are still with out any clothes or food. Some how, Homer gets caught up in a bee hive and decides to jump in some muddy pit to wash off the swarming bees. Meanwhile, one confused camper mistakenly thinks Homer is “Big Foot” and takes a few photos to take back to civilization. After all this, the whole city thinks there is a six foot beast roaming in the woods and comes to Marge and Lisa’s rescue. Now the media is asking Marge about Homers whereabouts and she has no idea whats going on. After a while Homer and Bart finally come back around and Homer gets tranquilized and taken into custody for testing. After a few days , Homer was released and the scientists labeled him as an unknown species. This episode was hilarious. One of my favorites. Very entertaining and classic.

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