1-9 Life on The Fast Lane

Having forgotten about Marge’s birthday, Homer rushes to the Springfield mall and impulsively buys her a bowling ball. Marge is not impressed with the gift and after discovering that he intends to use it, she decides to spite him by going bowling herself. While at the alley, she meets Jacques, a charming French bowling instructor, who offers her lessons. Jacques begins to fall for Marge and invites her to his apartment. Although she agrees, Marge undergoes a moral dilemma, but in the end visits Homer at the nuclear plant.


Episode 9 is adorable. Reminds me of my family preparing for someones special day as Lisa and Bart quickly hope to make Marge happy for her Birthday. But Homer, being selfish, bought something for him self and this never impresses a women. Homer really did jeopardized his marriage this time. Well then again theres nothing like true love and Marge realizes that thats just how Homer is and the live happily ever after. Far from thee end theres 21 seasons and this is #1!

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