1-5 Bart The General

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This episode of the Simpsons begins, like always, with Bart and Lisa fighting over eating Lisa’s cupcakes she made for her teacher. Bart claims she a teachers pet but then Lisa finally gives up one of the cupcakes that fell on the floor to Bart. Later on at school, Lisa gets bullied by one of Nelsons friends for her cupcakes. As soon as Bart notices, he immediately defends his sister but as soon as he gets involved Nelson does as well an it gets ugly. Everyday after that Bart gets treated to an good old butt whoopin by Nelson and his boys. Bart gets sick of this and asks Homer for advice but doesn’t work. After countless attempts Bart finally heads to his grandfather for advice. Grampa takes Bart to meet Herman, who suggests that Bart rally all of the school children and declare war on Nelson and they agree. Getting camouflage suited up ready for war, all the kids strap up and corner Nelson. After all this Nelson and Bart signs this petition agreeing to call it peace. The concept of this episode really relates to whats going on in America right now. I believe if America comes together as one, we can stop any war or anything that the government forces us as a nation to do. As you can see in this episode, one man couldn’t stop Nelson but as soon as everybody grouped together and united as one, Nelson was immediately defeated.

1-4 There’s no disgrace like home

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Episiode 4 begins with typical Lisa and Bart fighting over who loves Homer less. After Homer breaks up the fight, the scene transitions to Homer taking his family to the company picnic at Mr. Burns’s manor. Marge, Bart and Lisa embarrasses Homer and he notices that Mr. Burns seems to favor a family who love and respect one another . Bart chase and torture the geese on the property, Marge gets real drunk after a few drinks and Lisa runs wild.  Determined to impress Mr.Burns, Homer leaves unsuccessful. Convinced that both he and his family are pathetic, he pawns the family television and takes everyone to Dr. Marvin Monroe’s family therapy center which he thinks will make his family perfect and non dis-functional. During therapy the family Monroe resorts to shock therapy and wire the Simpsons to electrodes. Soon the Simpsons start shocking one another and causes the whole city to lose power. After that Dr.Monroe is forced to give double the money back and Homer decides to buy a brand new t.v. and the family walks off happy. So the moral of this story is, you cant change a person or persons for who they are, as long as everyone is happy thats what really matters.

Fear Loathing and Lizards !

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At its most superficial level, Fear and Loathing is the chronicle of a magazine writer and his attorney traveling to Las Vegas to cover a motorcycle race and law enforcement convention. During their adventures, the two take massive amounts of mind and body altering chemicals, repeatedly discharge powerful firearms, drive much faster than is safe, and generally violate every law and social convention imaginable. The book is beautifully and sureally illustrated by Thompson collaborator Ralph Steadman adding emphasis to a tale that the author himself would call “savage and twisted”. High off of life and every narcotic you can name, Raoul Duke(Johnny Depp) and his accomplice travel to Las Vegas on cloud nine ! As they check in the hotel they hallucinate and cant seem to function properly seeing “lizards” as people enjoy their apple martinis. What does this mean? Well the representation of these lizards to me simply implies to how cold blooded these crawling reptiles are. It metaphorically makes the humans in Vegas look and seem cold hearted and cold blooded as they gamble their dollars and sip their alcoholic beverages all night. Sinful yes but to them they think everything is quite normal. I loved watching this movie because of its consistent entertainment, but the reputicious plot went no where and got old fast. 3 out of 5 stars.

Debbie Almontaser

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Debbie Almontaser, is the founding and former principal of the Khalil Gibran International Academy. As a 17-year veteran of the NYC public school system, she taught special education, inclusion, trained teachers in literacy, and served as a multicultural specialist and diversity advisor. Ms. Almontaser frequently lectures and serves on panels as well as facilitates teacher and public workshops on conflict resolution, Agusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed, Arab culture, and Islam, at universities, libraries, museums, churches, and synagogues across the city and at local, national and international conferences.

In 2007, Debbie was announced as the school principal of Khalil Gibran International Academy. Almontaser was forced by the Department of Education and the Mayor of the City of New York to resign after a controversy arose over a T-shirt created by a group called “Arab Women Active in the Arts and Media”, an organization that used office space to run its youth program at Saba: Association of Yemeni American which Almontaser is a board member.

I strongly believe Debbie Almontaser has been wrongfully victimized and publicly destroyed by our media. Forced to leave a school leadership, she has lost everything she has worked for over a simple phrase on a t-shirt. The New York Post made an example of Debbie exposing her right to wear and stand up for what she chooses to believe in. Believing that she condones violence and she is behind ” al qaeda ” would be foolish and ignorant. Just because she is Muslim doesnt give anyone the right to belittle and target Debbie as the “Enemy” .`

1-3 Homer’s Odyssey

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This episode begins with Bart’s class visiting Homers job which is the Nuclear Power Plant in Springfield. Easily distracted, Homer accidentally crashes his cart into a radioactive pipe, causing him to immediately be fired. On his Odyssey to find employment, Homer gets rejected on every attempt to succeed. Seeking happiness, Homer starts to get suicidal and decides to jump off a bridge until his family reads his away message and comes to his rescue.  in the process they are almost run over by a truck and Homer discovers his new purpose, Homer embarks on a safety crusade and eventually decides to go after the Nuclear Plant and holds protest rallies. To end Homer’s furor, Mr. Burns offers him a job as safety inspector, with increased salary, which Homer accepts.

1-2 Bart The Genius

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This episode of the Simpsons begins with the Simpsons family playing a good old game of scrabble. Lisa, the family genius, makes fun of Bart for making up an misspelling words and Homer chases Bart off in a rage as usual. The next day Bart has a big intelligence test which apparently he hasn’t studied for, so sneakily he switches the tests with Martin, the most intelligent kid in class. After vandalizing school property, the principle has a meeting with Homer and Marge to discuss a fine they have to pay because of the damage, and the school psychiatrist labels Bart a genius and sends him to the Enriched Learning Center for the “Gifted”. After all this, Homer and Marge thinks Bart is a boy genius and Homer starts treating Bart with much more respect than usual. Meanwhile Bart soon realizes he doesn’t fit in with the other geniuses in the class and blows up his chemistry lab from lack of knowledge. Finally he confesses that he cheated on the test and gets sent back to Springfield Elementary School, and Homer goes back to tormenting him.

1-1 Roasting on an Open Fire Christmas Special

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Original Air Date—17 December 1989
As we enter the first scene, Homer, Marge and Maggie speeds through the snowy streets as they are late for Bart and Lisa’s school holiday play. In the wonderful town of Springfield, every soul is preparing for the holiday season, from making wish lists and strapping on the brightest lights to there home. Pinching every penny, the Simpson’s save up to make it a Merry Christmas. While Christmas shopping, Bart decides to race off to and get a tattoo after his parents told him not to do so. Marge soon discovers and uses all the family’s Christmas savings to get it surgically removed. Mean while, Homer discovers he will not receive a Christmas bonus from Mr. Burns and now the family have absolutely no money to buy any presents. Homer decides to not tell Marge about his financial crisis so he secretly gets a job as the department store Santa. Later he finds out that department store Santa’s don’t get paid enough. Miserably he takes Bart to the dog racing track hoping to make some money and bets it on a dog named Santa’s Little helper, who loses. Santa’s little helper’s owner angrily gives away the dog and Homer lets Bart keep him. When Homer thinks that Christmas is ruined, Bart and the kids jump for joy as they have a new member to the Simpson’s family and Christmas is saved! The moral of this story is that, money isn’t everything and there are things in life that are just price less !

Simpsons Season 1 !

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Ladys and Gents, welcome to MARIOSMEDIABLOG ! This semester I will be blogging my thoughts on The Simpsons Season one ! SWEET right?? Anyway lets get into this classic season. Cant wait !

Ward Churchill

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The University of Colorado did the right thing by launching an investigation against Ward Churchill. As a creditable University, they have every right to investigate and know whats going on in their classrooms. Having said that, I do also feel that a teacher also has the right to say what they choose in their classroom if it pertains to the direction there going towards as far as their agenda in teaching the course. Whether supporting America or saying that America’s policies had a part in influencing 9/11, these are both opinions and someone shouldn’t get fired over choosing one side. As long as Ward Churchill was speaking freely and wasn’t promoting violence, he should be able to say what ever he chooses. This is a professor here people, i mean, he has some what knowledge and understanding of what he’s talking about. Right??